Apollo Chandelier

The Apollo Chandelier is a contemporary take on a classic lamp archetype sharing basic structural characteristics of the traditional chandelier updated in a sculptural  and 
functional design. 

Comprising multiple mouth-blown opal glass shades atop curved tubular arms creating a contrasting expression between the handcrafted organically shaped shades and the industrial anodised aluminium tubing. 

The Apollo Chandelier makes an ideal room centrepiece suitable for using in a variety of private and public places. Available in two different sizes with six or 12 arms.


STUDIO 0405 is a design studio working in the intersection between space and object.
It explores the culture of design’s historic, technical and aesthetic properties and how it can be qualified and further developed in an object.

The studio plays with our surroundings that enhance the everyday life and the dialogue between object
and human in a given context through inherent materiality and craftsmanship.

The studio collaborates with other creatives such as artists, photographers and craftsmen
on design projects with a wide range of clients.