Rye Sleep - Hem

The Hem Bed Frame is a sculptural centerpiece for the bedroom, masterfully crafted from solid red oak. The bed follows an architectural principle of stacking, which lets the piece of furniture beautifully integrate layers of natural diversity. 
As patterns of grain run through each element of oak wood, sequences of distinctiveness emerge, capturing nature in its most immediate presence.

Dimensions: Comes in all sizes


STUDIO 0405 is a design studio working in the intersection between space and object.
It explores the culture of design’s historic, technical and aesthetic properties and how it can be qualified and further developed in an object.

The studio plays with our surroundings that enhance the everyday life and the dialogue between object
and human in a given context through inherent materiality and craftsmanship.

The studio collaborates with other creatives such as artists, photographers and craftsmen
on design projects with a wide range of clients.